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Bangladesh 100T/D rice bran oil pressing equipment sighed contract

2017-01-13 13:37

Henan Huatai cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd with innovative research and development of leading equipment, on April 9, 2015, signed contract with Bangladesh Nahar Farmers Rice Bran Oil Industries Ltd of 100TD rice bran expanding pretreatment, 100TD rice bran oil extraction, 20TD rice bran oil refining set of equipment. The signing of the contract strong evidence for our products leading position in the same industry in domestic and overseas.

Henan Huatai cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd with technology innovation, has already developed set of series rice bran oil and deep process equipment, set of first grade rice bran oil equipment, set of palm oil deep process equipment, cotton seed protein dephenolization equipment, set of biodiesel equipment, series of plant pigment extraction equipment and so on, more than eighty varieties, by Henan province committee, the provincial government awarded “ high growth type private enterprise”, “excellent private enterprise” titles of honours, and topped the Henan province 2014 hundred strong and hundred high industry enterprise name list.

At present, the equipment is in manufacturing, delivery is expected before the end of July. Our company with comprehensive quality services, ensure customer satisfaction.

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